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Sa ngo expands its global footprint

South African NPO, Khulisa Social Solutions, established more than two decades ago began its formative work in prisons utilizing storytelling interventions to capacitate juvenile offenders to become productive members of society. After further developing a variety of needs driven programmes its services were soon rolled out to 100 prisons nationally.

The organization now working with an average of 250.000 people per annum had adopted a spell in full ( PLA) approach to community-based research interventions, in which capacitated NGO’s and local stakeholders take part in action research and through capacity building become agents of system-wide transformation.

Khulisa UK, registered in 2007, has subsequently impacted on the lives of over 3 million youth at risk and in conflict with the law throughout the country. Attesting to Khulisa UK’s outstanding work has been its recently received the first prize Robin Corbett Award, a national award recognising outstanding rehabilitative work with people preparing for release from prison.

Says Lesley Ann van Selm Managing Director Khulisa: “The methodology of the “developing world” bringing ideas and social solutions to the “developed” or “West” is an innovative trend. Khulisa is amongst a small minority of organisations that are looking at issues and solutions to challenges that have been addressed outside of Europe and bringing to bear tried and tested initiatives into new settings in a reversed development model.

Khulisa was registered in Australia in 2017 and is now to expand its global footprint through a number of Sub-Saharan African countries. From 2008 Khulisa began exploring opportunities to expand its rehabilitation, diversion and restorative justice services into Africa which involved engagement with social justice key stakeholders in a number of countries.

In September, in celebration of International Month of Global Albinism Awareness, Khulisa joined forces in rendering a pilot programme with the Albinism Zimbabwe Trust in a programme that promoted democracy, advocacy and resilience amongst 21 people affected by albinism. Khulisa, soon to be registered in Zimbabwe and other African countries will be replicating the programme in support of people with disabilities including people with albinism in countries such as Nigeria, Botswana, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Lesotho, Malawi, Swaziland and Kenya where requests have already been made for programme replication.

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Thursday, 4 October, 2018
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