Embargo date and time: Monday 16th October 2017 07h00 CAT

South Africa’s legendary and iconic singer PJ Powers will be performing on home soil in Nelspruit,
Mpumalanga, on the 21st and 22nd October, 2017. PJ, an award winning musical artist with 12
gold and 4 platinum discs, started her career in the 1980s as the lead singer of Hotline. This was
followed by a flourishing solo career during the 1990s and 2000s hallmarked by collaborations with
some of the most distinguished international musical artists.
PJ Powers remains today, a voice of all generations in Africa, and indeed in African hearts
throughout the world…will perform live amongst her fans in one of the most beautiful parts of the
country in Nelspruit at The Stoep on the 21 st November and Da Loose Mongoose on the 22 nd
November 2017.
PJ has been deeply committed to philanthropic causes over the years of her career. PJ has now
partnered with Khulisa Social Solutions and has become the international ambassador of their
global mentorship programme which is aimed at highlighting the positive aspects of South Africa
and encouraging South Africans both locally and abroad to live and actively serve people through
the imparting of their knowledge and skills to keep the spirit of the Tat’ Madiba alive.
Khulisa has been operational in the Nelspruit district over the past 8years through multiple capacity
building programmes, crime prevention, social entrepreneur and mainstream entrepreneurship
initiatives. Khulisa, which operates nationally, has experienced 20 focused years of developing
and delivering sustainable projects, changing the lives of marginalised South Africans in dire need
of interventions. It has a raft of products and services to offer, that can positively influence even
the direst social and economic circumstances.

Khulisa has been working in the Luphisi district of Mpumalanga for the past 5 years, initially, with
the establishment of a vegetable garden, it has now grown to a project enabling community
members to not only having access to fresh produce for their own needs, but can also provide an
income from excess garden produce.
The forgotten district of Luphisi is the first community in the world where a software assessment
tool for individuals’ development planning has been applied, measuring competencies, skills,
interests, mental strengths and areas in need of professional intervention, leading to
recommendations for evidence-driven career paths.
Recent global conversations (IMF 12 October 2017) strongly support the evidence that
technology not taxation quickens the alleviation of poverty, and PJ Powers and Khulisa are
thrilled to be at the forefront of the development agenda in applying this knowledge, here in South
Africa. This technology-driven assessment enables community members in Luphisi to be matched
with suitably identified mentors from global organisation Maitland where mentors from 4 different
countries, for almost a year, have been working in the development of young school-going
children, supported by digital technology.
Indeed, a pivotal part of the distance mentorship learning has been the introduction of IT to
learners who previous have not had any exposure to technology. With the support of Maitland
mentors and other philanthropists, an IT Centre has been developed which has not only been used
for mentor / mentee communication but also for eLearning in order to enhance learners’ marks.
On Saturday the 21 st October PJ will be visiting the community of Luphisi to engage with the
learners and teachers who are beneficiaries of the mentorship programme.
Issued by: Khulisa Social Solution
Contact Name: Lesley Ann van Selm
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Date prepared: 13 October 2017.