Friday, 7 th December 2018

Gender based violence (GBV) remains one of the most serious threats to the health and safety of women and girls worldwide growing need. There have been few rigorous valuation of interventions aimed at primary GBV prevention with no systematic on GBV prevention.
However, Khulisa Social Solutions, a national NGO established 21 years ago is one organisation that has been scientifically tackling the factors that cause violation of women’s rights and addressing behavioural dysfunctionalities that leads to offending particularly by males. Over two decades working in multiple settings, Khulisa has developed a raft of interventions aimed at reducing violence at all levels with a particular emphasis on victim empowerment, mediation, peer education, peer support groups, victim impact panels and storytelling through community dialogues.
Over the past 12 years the organisation pioneered community-based mediation dealing specifically with domestic violence throughout KwaZulu Natal in partnership with the NPA Department of Justice, SAPS and Social Development, alongside a number of academic institutions. So successful was the intervention that in an external evaluation conducted, victims reported an 85% satisfaction survey regarding a restorative as opposed to a rebrutive approach towards justice. The organisation simultaneously expanded services to the Western Cape, Gauteng, the North West Province, Mpumalanga and Limpopo.
Programmes now offered nationally include front line services at Police Stations, collaboration with shelters and refugee settlements, establishment of women empowerment groups, multiple forms of mediation, resilience development, training in the Constitution,
advocacy and human rights, violence reduction amongst men, community drama and dialogue sessions, anti-bullying, peace-making and gender equality programmes in schools and multiple skills development initiatives leading to opportunities for micro enterprise and job creation.
It is estimated that over the 15 years, over 15,000 cases relating to gender based violence have been processed by Khulisa with a success rate of 70% and in some cases the court back log reduced by 75%.

For further details contact:
Lesley Ann van Selm – +27 11 788 8237 / lesleyann@khulisa.org.za