Despite restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in South African, Coach Linda Makhubela has continued to run the Kliptown, Gauteng Chess Club.

Learners at the club have had a busy October, learning how to analyse the games and becoming familiar with open-source chess server Lichess. This online tool allows learners to solve puzzles and play chess games against each other.

“There is lots of improvement from their games which is very encouraging but now we need to work more on checkmates and their tactical play,” says Makhubela.

On 3 October, members of the Kliptown Chess Club, ranging in age u8 to u12, played in the online Johannesburg Metro trials.

Due to data and lack of phones, the children faced a number of challenges during the trials. Nonetheless, they tried their best and played good chess.

“They do not have much tournament experience and do not understand time control yet but they play super-fast in a game of 2 hours. Their games only lasted about 10 to 20 minutes.  I need to work with them with the clocks,” adds Makhubela.  

All in all, the beginners are showing great improvement in their play – and displaying confidence and determination.

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