By committing 2 – 3 hours a month,

a digital mentor can make a huge difference to the lives of young South Africans desperate to learn, but lacking the confidence and resources to do so.

Online global mentorship can play a powerful role to “Build Africa”

Through the use of digital communication tools and social platforms including Whatsapp, Skype and email, we can transform the lives of millions by helping to create microenterprises and jobs, stimulating innovation, developing social human capital and improving education.

Becoming a mentor is a potent way of creating a virtual circle of mutual learning between the developed and the developing world.

We’ve gone global!

Always innovative, always evolving – Khulisa is uniquely using information technology to change the face of mentorship in the most powerful way. This online mentoring movement for disadvantaged South Africans is set to inspire a new way of giving through “digital humanitarianism”. While education reform in SA moves slowly – online mentorship moves quickly! This will make a huge difference to individual lives – transforming marginalized citizens into economically empowered, proud South Africans.

Digital humanitarianism is here!

Mentorship embraces our connectivity in the true spirit of the ancient African word “Ubuntu” : I am what I am because of who we all are.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” –Nelson Mandela

Join the Movement

We’re looking for English-speaking, local and global mentors with the following qualities: good listener, empathic, respectful, sensitive and patient. Are you 25 years or older, have at least 2 years of work experience, willing to offer our enthusiastic, high potential mentees 2-3 hours per month of your time? Then please sign up as a mentor and assist in changing a life!

Anyone can become a mentor!

    • Mentoring can be 1-on-1, one to many and many to one
    • It can be a corporate initiative where employees become mentors as part of a CSI programme
    • Or it can be an individual mentorship focused on personal advice
    • Mentoring can be done upwards, downwards or sideways (peer mentoring)

“The universal impact of the Internet enables us to gather people of all backgrounds, sectors & affiliations to shape this digital revolution.
This includes neighbours, neighbourhoods & communities.” –Lesley Ann Van Selm

2017 – Celebrating twenty years of nurturing a nation of changemakers!