Conducted in groups of SMME/NPCs – interventions provided against needs identified from a multi-dimensional perspective often aligned to corporate volunteer/outreach programmes alongside accredited training in skills development including mentoring component.

MIB is a 12-month process that establishes independent, self-financing groups of social entrepreneurs, focusing on effecting large-scale community change.
MIB and Ubuntu Clubs were recently merged with changed youth providing integrated opportunities for community development amongst beneficiary audiences, with structured outreach activities through leadership and measurable giving back.

Post matriculants programme to facilitate social entrepreneurs in developing their own sustainable social enterprises (in the process of being accredited).

Working in collaboration with local municipalities and other entities, upskilling community members to benefit from multifaceted aspects of recycling, ranging from education of school learners creating income generating opportunities through environmental knowledge and action.

Go Green Programme
This programme provides participants with a code of life values and social skills through engaging with their family and community members via a number of environmental projects.