Khulisa Communities of Opportunity

Khulisa Social Solutions, a South African NPO, has experience 23 focused years of developing and delivering sustainable projects, changing the lives of marginalised communities in dire need of interventions.

Khulisa offers a suite of products and services, which can be adapted to positively influence socio-economic circumstances.  Khulisa works with those who are deeply affected by persistent inequality, exacerbated by lack of resources, opportunity and self-belief.

Khulisa Projects fundamentally address sustainability and impact, from both an advisory and partner perspective.

This is now being done through a social tech solution, that uses cutting-edge technology to identify, monitor and track the effectiveness of solutions identified and implemented within marginalised surveys, one-on-one questionnaires and other forms of research with select communities in six provinces to identify the causal factors of community dysfunctionality.

The evidence collected has led to the Communities of Opportunity model that advocates for targeted strategic interventions in low-opportunity areas to redevelop critical opportunity structures for residents.

Khulisa believes every under-served community has the potential to be a strong, vibrant place of opportunity.  When community members have voice and power in the decisions that impact their communities and express it through civic engagement and leadership, it leads to broader community and policy changes that assure racial, health, and economic equity.


  • Agriculture
  • Sporting facilities
  • IT
  • Communications
  • Data analysis
  • Mentorship/coaching
  • Donations
  • Facilitations/training
  • Graphic design
  • Children and youth
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Wildlife protection
  • Women empowerment
  • Human Resources



Khulisa is involved in a number of urban gardening projects at creches, schools, households and community centres, with beneficiaries ranging from children to senior citizens.

This is in addition to agriculture and permaculture projects in Kliptown, Soweto, Tembisa, Orange Farm, Meriteng (North West), Delportshoop (Northern Cape), Northam (Limpopo), Kamhlushwa (Mpumalanga), Newcastle (KZN) and Kuilsriver (CT).  All such projects are aimed at self-sustainable livelihoods, income generation, skills development, nutritional value and a range of cottage-industry produce.

Upstream activities include wormeries and compost manufacturer



Skills/donations required Geographic location
Trees (fruit trees in particular)



Pot plants

Gardening equipment

Donations of bottles, decorative items for packaging for retail purposes

Pots, pans, hotplates

Sub-skills training

Development of business plans

Identification of potential markets

Market research

Online training of home-made produce

Assistance with branding

Training during school holiday programmes

Gauteng (Kliptown, Soweto, Tembisa, Orange Farm)

North West (Meriteng)

Northern Cape (Delportshoop)

Limpopo (Northam)

Mpumalanga (Kamhlushwa)

KwaZulu-Natal (Newcastle)

Western Cape (Kuilsriver

Second-hand farming equipment for large agriculture development projects KwaZulu-Natal (Newcastle)
Large community-wide gardening project requires

Shade cloths

Growing tunnels



Gardening clothing

Mpumalanga (Luphisi)

Khulisa supports the establishment of sporting facilities in schools, community centres, on vacant properties and in areas where these facilities have been destroyed or abandoned.

The creation of these facilities was in response to research conducted by Khulisa, in the communities listed below, to address the causal factors of crime, violence and inactivity.


Skills/Donations required Geographic location

Food donations

Infrastructure (buildings, security, lightings etc.)

Skills development (coaching, training)

Turf / grass

Water facilities

Soccer field

Netball court

Tennis court

Gauteng (Kliptown, Soweto, Tembisa, Orange Farm)

Northern Cape (Delportshoop)

North West (Meriteng)

Mpumalanga (Kamhlushwa,


KwaZulu-Natal (Newcastle)

Western Cape (Kuilsriver)