Candle Making

Candle making has been identified as one of the initiatives which are not only easy to start but it can also easily generate income especially for small and start up entrepreneurs. These candles will be made by members of the community who were victims of GBV and have come together as a support group to make a difference for their own lives and within the community they live in The candle-making project will not only empower the survivors financially but will also serve as therapy and healing for them.


We offer a range of fragrances to suit various occasions and purposes These include Lavender Sandalwood Raspberry & Vanilla Citronella Lemongrass


There are a number of colourful options for you to choose from, with the ‘Rainbow’ range encompassing colours that symbolise life, healing, sunlight, nature, art, harmony, and spirit


We source quality paraffin wax and soy wax which are both vegan friendly and cost effective, they both retain colour and fragrance beautifully and make the BEST candles!


Burning candles can be beneficial to your health. Part
of living a healthy lifestyle is self-care and taking care of your mind: lighting candles can provide the perfect atmosphere to induce calm and a sense of well-being. If you ever feel enveloped by fear or feel anxious, burning candles can help with anxiety

Lighting candles during meditation is a wonderful way to support your practice. There are many visualisation exercises and manifestation techniques that involve focusing on the flame of a burning candle while sending your intentions into the universe. Candles are also used during prayer

Our sense of smell is strongly tied with memory, so we often associate a specific scent with a moment or memory. One of the joys of selling candles is when our customers share memories as they smell our fragrances.

Therapeutic candles made with high quality essential oils can have a positive impact on our minds and bodies. As you burn a candle infused with essential oils, their aroma is released into your surroundings.

Not only is scent linked to memories, but also our mood as well. For example, lavender and rose creates a feeling of calmness, whereas citrus scents promote feelings of happiness and energy

Lighting a therapeutic candle can fill your room in a soft and calming, glow. The flickering & movement of the light emitted from your candle will help you drift off as your eyelids get heavier.

Rainbow Candles

Khulisa is committed to supporting and assisting the LGBTQI+ community.

This range is made with the LGBTQI+ community at heart.

Rainbow Tealights

R10 each

Rainbow Jar from

R100 each

Rainbow Jar from

R100 each

The EMPWR Range

This range makes use of different scents for aromatherapy purposes. Some sugary raspberry notes blended with rich creamy vanilla for rejuvenation. Soft citronella to enhance your mood and some lavender to relax after a long day…

Statement Candles

From R50 each

4-pack Mecury Candles

From R100/set

6 pack Votive Candles

From R130/set

Your purchase allows the support group members to become Candle Maker Trainees and then Master Trainers to empower other victims of GBV.
Your contribution will form a once-off investment as the group will become sustainable thereafter.

Asthisisa fundraising initiative, we have added a 20% margin on the prices to cover the costs of the training.

Please note that the scents and colours are subject to availability and a minimum of 5 candles has to be ordered.

Should you wish to order your candles please contact

Thank you for your support!

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