Rampant teenage pregnancy, a significant cause for parents and teachers amongst Grade 11 and 12 learners.  Numbers so high that a serious intervention was needed to address the causes of this which has now become a national epidemic. 22 year old NGO, Khulisa Social Solutions, had already been operational throughout the Midlands area for [...]


A Growing Thing

A Growing Thing is an observational documentary filmed over several years just outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. 25 years after the end of apartheid, a dedicated mother of six in the townships near Johannesburg is determined to become a community leader and change her place in the world - as well as that of [...]

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Lesley Ann van Selm winning big

ACQUISITION INTL MAGAZINE ANNOUNCES KHULISA SOCIAL SOLUTIONS AS A WINNER OF GLOBAL EXCELLENCE AWARDS BEST NON-PROFIT SOCIAL CHANGE ORGANISATION 2019 – SOUTH AFRICA     United Kingdom, 2019 - Acquisition International Magazine announces that Lesley Ann van Selm and Khulisa Social Solutions have been awarded the title of Best Non-Profit Social Change Organisation 2019 [...]

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International Day of Social Justice

Reserve ‘I EXIST’ Because I Am PERSONS WITH ALBINISM TAKE CENTRE STAGE INTERNATIONAL DAY OF SOCIAL JUSTICE – 20 TH FEBRUARY 2019 Khulisa in collaboration with multiple stakeholders presents a two-day Summit on the 18 th and 19 th February at Skills Village 108 Frere Road, Bez Valley Johannesburg. The main event takes place on International Day [...]

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PWA Movement

BUILDING RESILIENT FUTURES FOR PEOPLE WITH ALBINISM (PWA) INTRODUCTION People with Albinism (PWA) are one group of many who are marginalised through the tendency of human beings to categorise ourselves along the lines of difference and sameness. The boundaries we construct are molded by families, leaders, communities and friends and although often subconscious, they [...]

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Call To Action

A night to be remembered as diverse community members gathered together to celebrate the aunch of a resilience development programme targeted at vulnerable community members with a specific emphasis, in September, on PWA. The Dare to Dream Resilience programme has been in development for the past six months through a partnership with the Miss [...]

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