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Call To Action

A night to be remembered as diverse community members gathered together to celebrate the aunch of a resilience development programme targeted at vulnerable community members with a specific emphasis, in September, on PWA. The Dare to Dream Resilience programme has been in development for the past six months through a partnership with the Miss Albinism Zimbabwe Trust (MAZT) and South African NGO Khulisa Social Solutions (Khulisa).

Managing Director, Lesley Ann van Selm has been mentoring Founder of MAZT, Brenda Mudzimu for the past nine months and states “over the past 21 years Khulisa has worked with literally tens of millions of marginalised community members in some of the hardest to reach places, not only in South Africa, but also in the UK. My relationship with Brenda has taken me to a new level. I have never been so inspired, humbled and gratified through a relationship such as that of Brenda and her team. By listening to the voices of PWAs they have given us the solutions themselves as how best to tackle this problem that is plaguing this particular sector of our community”.

The launch event followed a two-day workshop held on the 10th and 11th September where 20 people affected by and living with albinism participated in an appreciative enquiry process which culminated in a manifesto as how PWAs will unite with a common voice and through appropriate capacitation become agents of change in their own right.

Brenda, who originally approached Lesley Ann because of the relationship that PJ Powers shares with Khulisa, requested that PJ be part of her beauty pageant that she spearheaded in March 2018. “I never, in my wildest dreams, ever believed that PJ and I would be singing together my favourite song that I have listened to and been inspired by ever since I was a child, There is an Answer”.

A strategy is in the process of being developed regarding the roll-out of the programme which will include collaboration with all organisations working with people with disabilities including government and the private sector. Consultations with local academics during the course of the training attest to the potential for the sharing of knowledge, best practice and experiential learning.

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