Inspired by Khulisa SA, Khulisa UK was founded in 2007, exporting SA programmes to the UK with enormous success. Khulisa UK has been working in the UK for over 10 years, making prisons and schools safer and more nurturing environments, and transforming the lives of over 3000 people, empowering them to choose a crime-free life.

Over the last 10 years, Khulisa UK has supported over 3,000 people to break the cycle of crime and exclusion. Together with our partners, Khulisa UK aspires to create a connected, safe society where young people choose crime-free lives. We work in schools, prisons, and communities, equipping young people with the life skills and emotional support they need to stop offending. Khulisa ensures they reach the most vulnerable people by intervening at all key stages of the criminal justice cycle. We summarize our interventions in three workstreams:

  1. Prevent: supporting at-risk youth (11-18) in schools and Pupil Referral Units, preventing them from entering the criminal justice sector
  2. Rehabilitate: supporting young offenders (18-21) and adult prisoners (25+) within secure estates to understand and tackle the root cause of their violent and anti-social behaviours
  3. Reintegrate: supporting ex-offenders by equipping them with the skills and strength to choose alternatives to crime

Our new three-year strategy (2017-20) will see Khulisa continue work in these three areas, expanding our prevention work in schools and deepening our evidence base. We will do this by:

  • Building capacity in schools, to ensure that they re-educate students both behaviourally and academically Building capacity in prisons and community settings to ensure rehabilitation starts with a focus on personal wellbeing and emotional resilience
  • Building a robust evidence-base in order to understand ‘what works’ when supporting young people to become more resilient and reduce re-offending
  • Strengthening our public profile and partnership strategy in order to more strongly influence Policy & Practice

Khulisa started delivering programs in 2009 and have steadily increased the scale and depth our impact and policy-making influence. We have directly supported over 3,000 people and produced a range of research pieces and evaluations outlining our impact and sharing our learning:


2009: The Home Office approves grant for Silence the Violence pilot (Tackling Knives Action Programme)

2010: Monument Trust approves a major grant enabling Khulisa to expand its work with further pilots in London, Sheffield and Manchester.

2011: Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Henry Smith Charity, J Paul Getty Trust and MariaMarina Foundation all join as committed funders.

Khulisa launches its early intervention programme, ‘Face It’ in schools 2011: Khulisa launches mentoring programme and receives the Butler Trust Award. 2012: Silence the Violence receives NOMS “Effective Regime Intervention” approved status.

2012: “I Used to Be an Offender—Now I’m a Defender” study of Khulisa by University of East London published in Journal of Offender Rehabilitation.

2013: Face It programme listed on Youth Justice Board’s Library of Effective Practice

Khulisa secured a major Cabinet Office Rehabilitation Social Action Fund grant to expand Silence the Violence and Milestones programmes across four prisons/communities.

2014: Wind of Change: Comparative lessons for restorative justice in South Africa and the UK published by the RJ4All institute featuring Khulisa as central case study.

Khulisa featured in StreetCraft: Stories from the frontline of criminal justice innovation and secures StreetCraft Scholarship to pursue restorative prison concept. Transforming Rehabilitation – But Are We? published in Criminal Law & Justice Weekly.

2015: “Highly Commended” award for our “…outstanding contribution to promoting the strategic aims of the Criminal Justice Alliance and towards creating a fairer and more effective criminal justice system”

Khulisa’s RJ Prison concept disseminated to all prisons in England and Wales as part of a Restorative Justice Council “Prison Information Pack” on RJ options, services and benefits.

Ministry of Justice confirms a 24{fc125f1866f77698374c83416aa5c233ff7623ea2b2e07d8b59eeaffacb50c9f} reduction in reoffending rates for Khulisa’s

Khulisa’s RJ Prison concept disseminated to all prisons in England and Wales as part of a Restorative Justice Council “Prison Information Pack” on RJ options, services and benefits.

Cabinet Office-funded evaluation showed 98{fc125f1866f77698374c83416aa5c233ff7623ea2b2e07d8b59eeaffacb50c9f} of Face It participants reporting a positive impact on behaviour change.

2016: From Rage to Reason published in the Howard Journal of Crime & Justice.

Khulisa inputs into design/review of London’s Police & Crime Plan and Cabinet Office national volunteering programme

2017: Khulisa secures European Commission funding as part of 8-country programme of to develop collective evidence, voice and impact in combating youth radicalisation and exclusion.


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