Unlock the power of your skills, experience and passion by sharing them with those less privileged than you. Empower somebody from a distance and help them to navigate their circumstances from one of adversity to one of personal transformation, growth and success.

KGMM provides a unique, impactful and measurable way to make global mentorship accessible to multiple communities of disadvantaged South Africans. Mentorship embraces our interdependence in the true spirit of “Ubuntu – I am because we are”. This process is a potent, proven way of creating a virtual circle of mutual learning between the developed and developing world. Spearheaded by nonprofit companies Khulisa Social Solutions South Africa (established 1997) and Khulisa UK (established 2007), the Khulisa Global Mentorship Movement is aimed at building a critical mass of mentors at home and abroad, to assist in identifying the needs of diverse community members, in collaboration with local NPO partners in communities throughout South Africa, e.g. abandoned and abused women and children, school going students between 14 and 18, victims of rape, leaders of child-headed households, those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS, parents, vulnerable girls, emerging NPOs and SMMEs, university students, people living with disabilities, job seekers, first time employees and mediators. Those young people need guidance and support to get through the most vulnerable stages in life and make the right decisions for their future.

The Global Mentorship Movement is our unique platform that allows mentors from all over the world to positively benefit disadvantaged youth in South Africa. These young people need guidance and support and will therefore be matched with a more experienced mentor to create a dynamic relationship of knowledge and life skills transfer based on predefined goals. The mentors bring additional skills such as assistance with work, financial management, inter-personal relationships, the prevention of conflict and others.

If you are 25 years or older and have an opportunity to make a difference, by If you are 25 years or older and have an opportunity to make a difference, by committing just 2-3 hours per month, you can inspire, empower and enable others to achieve their dreams. Khulisa will provide you with significant guidance to become an effective mentor and will match you with a suitable mentee who is waiting for your guidance and support. Throughout your time as a mentor, you will be given constant support and professional supervision by Khulisa Social Solutions. Contact Khulisa on mentorship@khulisa.org.za to find out how you can make a difference as a volunteer or mentor. We look forward to being touch.

How it all started

Managing Director Lesley Ann van Selm, who founded Khulisa in 1997: “When I walked into Leeuwkop Prison, south of Johannesburg, 19½ years ago, I would never have believed that what was then an experiential storytelling programme would have led to Khulisa Social Solutions, our organisation today, who employs almost 400 staff, has 38 offices, works in 400 communities and pride ourselves on the hundreds of NGO partnerships that we share at grassroots level. The evidence of our work is attested by the fact that we have been funded by various government departments since the inception of the organisation, with many local and international donors supporting us through the years, as we evolved from being a company focusing on offender rehabilitation to one now looking systemically at tackling the causes of crime, violence and poverty in South Africa.

With Khulisa being an enabling agent, we are focused on bringing together as many stakeholders possible in a particular community in order to align focus areas, capacitate local NGOs and to provide much needed developmental assistance to emerging entities. Khulisa has been providing mentoring services to multiple beneficiary groups with whom we’ve worked and grown organically over the years since the inception of our organisation and irrefutable evidence demonstrates that without this fundamental support structure, we would not have proven success stories that we have so proudly accumulated over the past two decades.

The South African NGO sector is in a state of turmoil and with the crisis in government funding, many NGOs around our country have had to close their doors, leaving the vulnerable beneficiaries without the essential support they have needed to sustain, to some degree, the important quality of life.

Two years ago, Khulisa began to formalise our mentoring services, which, albeit still in embryonic form from an international perspective, have been tried and tested in South Africa over a significant period of time.

With over 300 active mentors from both SA and abroad, we intend to harness the goodwill of South Africans both locally and from every corner of the world to invest their skills, talent and passion into individuals, from every walk of life. With a critical mass of support we can leverage wide scale change that WILL mould the future of our people into one of hope and possibility.”

Success story Lesego Tshabalala: how a mentee becomes a mentor to many!

Khulisa as an organization, is convinced that we can only be completely successful in changing communities in South Africa if all individuals can make ends meet. Our goal, through mentorship and guidance, is to help people find a job or to use innovative solutions to generate income.

In response to needs identified among the youth, the “Get Informed! Youth Development Centre” was established in Thembisa in 2012, following a three-year mentorship process of Lesego Tshabalala, by Zain Halle from Khulisa Social Solutions. Zain Halle: “Lesego as a mentee was really interested to seek advice from me as a mentor. His ability to understand and implement the lessons he learnt was critical. Initially there was a need for more intensive mentoring which slowed down as he gained confidence. Lesego is a prime example of how a young person can grow through guidance, support and having someone who believes in him.”  Lesego has now mentored hundreds of young people who have passed through his NGO, Get Informed!, in areas such as personal development, career guidance, substance abuse, job creation and IT development.

Khulisa and Get Informed! have implemented and continue to implement significant joint projects over the past years. These include the development of mainstream and social entrepreneurs; setting up a victim empowerment service at the local police station; implementing job readiness and employment programmes (with 200 beneficiaries) and offering extensive opportunities for youth volunteers via the National Youth Development Agency’s YouthBuild Programme.

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