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Make It Better (MIB)

The “Make It Better” (MIB) Programme is a year-long process that equips young adults to implement community-based projects based on the needs of the community.  This initiative is designed for youth and their communities, in order to unlock potential and address unmet needs.

Originally piloted in 2000 in Krugersdorp and Alexandra the MIB Programmes have been implemented nationally reaching xxx youth with xxx having been placed in employment.

Development of Social Entrepreneurs

The MIB programme’s mission is to establish independent self-financing group of youth leaders to independently run effective youth orientated care and development programmes in partnership with community stakeholders such as CBO’s, NGO’s, educators, police, social workers, in communities around South Africa.


Mr Price’s Red Cap Foundation (RCF) is committed to supporting youth employment in South Africa and has identified a potentially major opportunity to create employment within Mr Price’s supply chain. The opportunity relates to the establishment of skills development and associated trainee placement programme within Mr Price’s local clothing supply chain, in conjunction with the introduction of a supplier development programme.

Changing Lanes

Changing Lanes is a documentary series of isolated yet comparable life stories of different individuals with a common denominator; a desire to turn over a new leaf. Through these short but compelling chronicles, we learn about the remarkable people who, although endured extreme hardships, trials and tribulations in their lives, still believe that one’s past and circumstances does not determine one’s future and potential.


Developing custom-built mentorship programmes for corporates on a national level, aligned with specific needs identified in the SMME, NGO, Co-op sector, as well as for individuals participating in integrated long-term programmes, designed by Khulisa.  The mentorship programme includes opportunities to participate in an accredited mentorship programme

My Journey

My Journey is a 13-module Life Skills and Job Readiness Training Programme which can be delivered over a 5-10 day period. This programme covers modules which assist candidates with dealing with the past as well as preparing them for the future in both a life and work context.