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lesly“The main aim of our work and any intervention offered by Khulisa is to bring a positive change in the community. As an organisation with more than 18 years of experience, we have realised that this is only possible if we focus on all important elements as well as people in a community. Besides, every community in South Africa is unique facing specific challenges and problems. They can only be understood by listening to the community members and allowing them to identify their needs and opportunities on a grassroots level. Based on the Khulisa Information Management System, we guide the community to design a suitable solution that is most promising in improving the lives in this community.”

Every community intervention consists of several important elements:

Firstly, Khulisa has developed several intervention tools in form of internationally acclaimed best practices programmes addressing different needs, such as Crime Prevention, Victim Empowerment or Social Entrepreneurship. For every intervention, we choose the most suitable programmes that will complement each other to increase the impact in a community.
Secondly, sustainable solutions need to be build around strong and promising partnerships and have a sufficient support base. Khulisa follows a systemic approach and enables a meaningful change by engaging all relevant stakeholders in the public, private or NPO sector.
Thirdly, every intervention needs to be accepted by the beneficiaries and depends on promising leaders that work towards a positive change. Therefore Khulisa identifies future leaders in the community and works with local staff members and facilitators. They receive guidance and mentoring through Khulisa to grow on a personal level and improve their skills to be able to take responsibility and contribute to the success of all interventions.