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Our main focus to create safer communities are our diversion programmes.

Diversion is a process where juvenile, youth and adult offenders are given the chance to be channelled away from the courts and the, often brutal, consequences of the criminal justice system. It is closely linked to restorative justice. When offenders acknowledge responsibility and agree to go through a diversion program, including making amends for what they have done, they are given the opportunity to avoid a criminal record, change their behaviors and learn new skills.

Khulisa is an accredited service provider for diversion programmes throughout South Africa.  Working in partnership with the Department of Social Development offices have been opened in far reaching areas all over the country, in order to render services in the communities where the majority of diversion referral cases emanate.

The far reaching impact of diversion is best understood through the many heart-warming stories of the beneficiaries, such as is told by one of our graduates.

We also have a strong focus on Restorative Justice and run many community justice programmes.

As a reaction to the xenophobic violence that shocked South Africa again in the beginning of 2015, Khulisa initiated a Xenphobic Violence Project called “Social Justice for All”. The aim was to stop the violence and use the approach of Restorative Justice to prevent further attacks and reduce negative sentiments against foreign nationals living in South Africa.