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Khulisa is a NPO that addresses social vulnerabilities as a systemic problem. Through multiple partnerships and our internationally-acclaimed best-practice programmes, we build capacity for grass-root motivated upliftment. All our interventions are constantly evaluated and improved and have demonstrable social impact.
On a community level, we place a huge importance on conducting profound research to analyse the needs and design suitable interventions that are build on best-practice programmes and year-long experiences in the field of community development. We are also one of the leading organizations in establishing partnerships in all sectors and engaging all relevant local stakeholders to ensure efficient and sustainable solutions.
We follow professional monitoring and evaluation guidelines to assess the outcomes as well as the impact of every project. Reporting all relevant data to analyse the effectiveness of every intervention and ensure a constant improvement of our programmes is an essential goal of our work.
We value good co-operations to conduct research on the ground to develop a better understanding of the needs in our communities and strive towards a professional evaluation of all interventions. Involving Khulisa in your research project will offer you various advantages and benefits:
  • As an organization, we build our knowledge and competence on more than 18 years of experience.
  • We are one of the biggest NPOs in South Africa and have regional offices and strong partnerships in nearly every province. This allows you to conduct all over South Africa and to develop an understanding of the situation in a specific area or on a national level.
  • We have especially strong partnerships with local NGOs, businesses or governmental institutions that can be approached and included in any scientific study.
  • Khulisa is very experienced and competent in conducting needs analysis in a community to design suitable interventions and we have professional monitoring and evaluation tools to analyze the outcome and the impact of our interventions.
  • Khulisa has designed internationally acclaimed best-practice programmes and we constantly co-operate with various partners to develop new programmes that are built on a good theoretical foundation and empirical evidence.
  • We offer professional guidance for individuals that wish to conduct research or write a thesis with Khulisa.

Khulisa Social Solutions is trusted by multiple diverse parties as a connector, co-ordinator, catalyst and conduit.

A great example for a good research cooperation is the involvement of students doing their thesis with Khulisa.

In general, Khulisa Social Solutions offers the following services:

  • Analysis of the needs of communities (and others).
  • Facilitator and connector of multiple local stakeholders.
  • Build capacity of NGOs, SMMEs, local municipalities.
  • Potentially support local municipalities in the co-ordination and mapping of needs and the delivery thereof.
  • Community research.
  • Impact Assessments, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E).
  • Manage companies CSI spend – a trusted intermediary.
  • Facilitation of workshops in local communities.
  • Specific programmes, for example: volunteerism, Global Give Back Circle, Restorative Justice.