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Our vision is to leverage our collective intellectual capital to create a truly equitable, universally accessible digital society.”
Lesley Ann van Selm, Founder and MD of Khulisa
  • Once your application is successfully completed and approved, we are committed to matching you with a mentee within 4 weeks.
  • Using a sophisticated digital management information system, a suitable match is made by analyzing the needs of the mentee with the mentor’s ability to meet those needs.
  • Applicants will receive the mentor`s manual: “Principles of Mentoring”. We have taken our experiences as mentors over the years and created what we like to refer to as a quick guide to being an effective mentor. Upon registration as a KGMM mentor, you will receive our Mentoring Manual.
  • Digital technology enables long distance communication: Khulisa strives to support the mentoring process by ensuring that mentees have access to communication tools such as WhatsApp, Skype and email.
  • In the absence of Internet access, common in rural areas of South Africa, we will appoint gatekeepers to scan handwritten letters between mentors and mentees.



Should you come up against a challenge where you need input from our team, you will find support on the closed FaceBook site.  We will organize specific forums for our mentors to discuss topics of general interest and/or concerns. These forums are mentor-driven – based on the challenges they are experiencing.

Where a mentor may need specific guidance around one or more problematic issues, access to a Khulisa Mentor Advisor is available on


Please feel free to share your experiences with us so that we can all learn.


Mentors are requested to make a monthly or annual donation, in keeping with their disposable income, with a minimum contribution of R100/month (SA) or £10 (UK based).

This contribution covers the following costs:

  • Mentor training manual
  • Induction
  • Ongoing support and guidance for mentors and mentees
  • Certificate of acknowledgment at end of a one year period
  • Access to IT (tablets and connectivity) for mentees
  • Newsletters and success stories will be shared throughout the network

Contributions to Khulisa SA or Khulisa UK are tax deductible.

In cases where individuals are not in a position to contribute financially, they are still welcome to be part of KGMM in order to share their skills and knowledge.