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Lesley Ann
Lesley AnnManaging Director

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Khulisa assists local municipalities and governmental institutions to maximise their positive impact in communities. Let us assist you to design and implement a strategic intervention and focus your CSI spend. We facilitate partnerships with appropriate stakeholders; conduct ongoing monitoring and deliver accurate reporting. Our extensive experience across South Africa will allow you to benchmark your initiative along with the best.


  • Khulisa is an Non Profit Organisation, which addresses systemic social vulnerabilities. We build capacity for upliftment, motivated by focused research and meaningful interaction with communities.
  • Interventions adopt international best practice and operate across multiple partnerships.
  • All programmes have measurable social impact and are constantly evaluated and improved.
  • Services follow the shared value principle, enabling all stakeholders to benefit.
  • Khulisa is a leader in establishing partnerships across all sectors and engaging relevant stakeholders, ensuring efficient and sustainable solutions.
  • Khulisa’s 19-year knowledge base enables us to to assist government institutions to map community needs and ensure service delivery.
  • Professional monitoring and evaluation provides effective impact assessment.
  • Relevant data reporting.

The strong partnership between Khulisa and the eMalahleni municipality is a fine example of our approach in action. Khulisa has been an integral player in finding sustainable solutions to pressing community challenges. Stakeholder engagement was key to the implementation of the award winning Anglo American Coal eMalahleni Water Reclamation Plant.

Acid mine drainage, due to local coal mining activity, was posing a significant threat to the water table in the area. The municipal supply of clean water was insufficient to meet demands. The problem was significantly affecting the health and well being of the local community. Khulisa Social Solutions spearheaded the interactions between the mining company, the local municipality and the community, ensuring the effectiveness of the project at community level. The success of this initiative by Anglo American Coal, which now supplies potable water to the eMalahleni municipality, was largely due to the focused community needs analysis, stakeholder engagement, co-ordination and capacity building facilitated by Khulisa.