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Within the South African public educational system there is presently inadequate provision for vocational guidance or assessment of individual learners. This weakness results in high unnecessary costs for the Country and South African Business, as well as social discontent and hardship.

The majority of young people leave school with only a vague knowledge of employment opportunities and with little insight as to the most appropriate career direction for their abilities, interests and personality.

A large number of school-leavers receive no training at all beyond school and become virtually unemployable. And yet, if pointed in the correct direction, could have become assets to the South African economy.

Those school-leavers who believe that their only chance of future employment, with current unemployment at around 40{fc125f1866f77698374c83416aa5c233ff7623ea2b2e07d8b59eeaffacb50c9f}, is gaining some qualification, undertake tertiary education, irrespective of their suitability for the subjects chosen.

Little wonder that the drop-out rate for first year tertiary students stands at 35{fc125f1866f77698374c83416aa5c233ff7623ea2b2e07d8b59eeaffacb50c9f}!

It is at this point that the first of the wasted costs are incurred, especially by companies giving bursaries to these students.

Career guidance at Grade 9 would help alleviate much of this hardship and unnecessary expense. It could also play an important role in reducing the high unemployment rate.

However, despite a recent reduction in price, the cost of psychometric assessment is still beyond the means of many schools and learners, especially those in the public educational system.